To apply for an Appointed Title please fill out the Pre-Application below.

You will be contacted within 48 hours.

Northern Nevada needed a plus size pageant, and we made it happen! In 2019 the the former Mrs. Curvy Nevada directed the first ever Curvy Queen Pageant. After great success, we are moving into our second year with so many wonderful things in store for the ladies who enter.

Because there are currently no state pageants, receiving an Appointed Title is the only you may represent your state or region at our National competition in Northern Nevada in November 2020. Represent National Miss Curvy in your hometown!

Appointed State, City and Regional Titles available beginning in January of each year.


Miss 17-39 (Unmarried no children, 17 year old must be at least a high school Senior),

Ms. 18-39 (Married, previously married with/without children)

Ms. Elite 40+ (No restrictions on marriage or children)

As you may or may not know an Appointed Title is a title that you do not have to compete to hold your title is appointed to you by the Silver State Pageant executive staff. One of the benefits of an appointed title is you do not need to travel to a pageant, providing you with more for your investment. You save time and money, and you get to begin representing your community and your journey to a National Title as soon as you are appointed. You will take advantage of the opportunities the crown will provide to advocate for your platform, support your community, and the missions of the Silver State Pageants and National Miss Curvy Pageant. With your title, you will want to begin meeting with potential sponsors, offer your service as a Spokesperson and build your confidence as a queen.

We may not have the chance to meet you in person, so we are requiring a full application for all ladies that are interested in an appointed title for their state or region. You will need to submit a one-page biography outlining your community service and volunteer work over the past few years, a personal statement about why you should be considered to represent your state or region at Nationals and how you can be a mentor and positive influence in your community as National Miss Curvy.  

To be considered for a state-appointed title, there is an application fee associated with your application.  The fee is $100 at the time of application. If appointed, the application fee will be credited toward your pageant registration of $400. 

Once approved for a State Appointed Title you will be required to pay 1/2 of the remaining $300 entry fee to receive your official National Miss Curvy State Crown and Sash – representing other titles will be allowed once appointed and Crown and sash is required to be worn to the National Pageant. Your crown and sash will not be given to you until the Entry Fee Deposit and contract is received by the National Office.  Sashes will contain the Appointed title, and the National Miss Curvy logo.


Contestants would be considered “Curvy” by the standards of clothing size - Size 12 and up.

All contestants must be 17 years or older. 17 Year old contestants must be at least a high school senior.

Contestants competing in the Miss Curvy Division must be between 17 and 39 years of age, has never been married and with no children.

Contestants competing in the Ms. Curvy Division must be between 18 and 39 years of age they may be married, previously married and/or have children.

Contestants competing in the Ms. Curvy Elite Division must be at least 40 years of age, regardless of marital status with/without children

All contestants must be of good moral characterAll travel, makeup, outfits and other expenses are the responsibility of the individual contestants.


$100 Application Fee

Applications are closed until January, 2021


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